Sunday, February 20, 2011

Naruto Episode 113

Naruto Episode 111

Naruto Episode 112


These recreated backgrounds are from MELODY TIME (1948).

The first two are unmistakably Mary Blair. The music-staff-themed B/G is a very different style.

Great stuff!

Naruto Episode 110

THE SMALL ONE: The Marketplace

This is an interesting image. I actually own several cels from the movie (a personal favorite). The most recent acquisition was a two cel setup from the musical number with a trio of swarthy characters. My setup has the three singers, and a cel with the top part of the "goods" to the right and the left. So it appears there was a background, a character layer, and two layers of cels with the "goods."

Here's a look at the B/G with the characters digitally eliminated, the other cel elements intact.

Naruto Episode 109

Naruto manga 014

secrett PLAN!!!

THE ARISTOCATS: Boudoir Part Two

Agari kaisen images

agari kaisen is expert in a unique face copying technique.

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