Sunday, February 20, 2011

THE RESCUERS Opening "Gallery"

As the movie THE RESCUERS opens, we see what appears to be an old showboat, broken-down and barely adrift.

Little Penny, the kidnapped heroine of the story, scrawls a plea for help on a piece of paper, stuffs it in a bottle, and sets it adrift in hope someone will find it and rescue her. This scenario takes place here:

For THE RESCUERS opening credits, the Disney artists cleverly chose to use a series of paintings of the bottle making its way to "The Rescuers," through lightning storms and tempestuous waves.

There is great storytelling in these paintings. Using camera zooms as well as simple held shots, these magnificent paintings suggest great hope - if even a little bottle can find its way, so too will someone who will help.

Wonderful art!

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