Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Word About ENCHANTED...

This blog pretty much always "stays the course" with its subject matter. However, the theatrical opening of ENCHANTED deserves, no, requires mention this weekend.

The Walt Disney Company has triumphed. The opening segment, in full-blown classic 2D animation is more than a joy, it is a masterpiece. It was created for Disney by former Disney animator James Baxter and his crew at James Baxter Animation. And it ranks among the best, most beautiful animation ever created.

Actually, the whole movie is a long-awaited return to the essence of what we've always loved about Disney: sweetness, humor, heart, imagination, dazzling visuals, irresistable music, and a happy ending!

And for those misanthropes who proclaimed 2D animation dead, I am happy to say you are completely and utterly clueless. At the El Capitan theatre in Hollywood (where I perform), I have watched the faces of guests light up with delight. There always was, and always will be something absolutely magical about drawings that move, these living illustrations with personality and feeling.

In this age of world-wide turmoil, how wonderful it is to spend a couple of hours with a movie that leaves you smiling, uplifted, and inspired.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this wonderful movie.

Run, don't walk to the theatre to see, and be, ENCHANTED.

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